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If a search for motion graphics, animation or live action video production brought you here, you’re in the right place. We provide all the services mentioned at an affordable rate and delivered in a timely manner. We offer 5+ years experience as well as remote cloud-based video review to ensure your video is exactly what you had in mind! In case we haven’t caught your attention yet, we also offer brand development, graphic design, illustration and photography in case you need everything done at once. 

Our Process

Video content has quickly become the most effective marketing tool in business and video will soon account for more then 70% of all web traffic. TalkMotion is a video production house that specializes in motion graphic animation in London, ON.

If you don’t know where to start or what to say, we can help! Our goal is to support your business by creating an engaging, professional and valuable impression on your audience.


1. Let’s Talk

We set up a time to talk about what you need out of your video and start to learn key information. We will ask about your: deadline, goals, budget, target audience, product or service, and other important details.

2. The Estimate

After identifying your needs and objectives, we provide a estimate so you can properly plan ahead and manage realistic expectations.

3. Down to Business

We start the process of production by creating a storyboard of your video, allowing you to preview what your video will look like before the heavy work begins. After the storyboard comes the real work begins. We start production and you can start to relax.

4. Play, Stop, Go Back

Production of the first draft has been prepared. You get a chance to review the video online and comment on the video itself, showing us any issues you that see with the video and when they show up. We use your comments to improve the video and better meet your objectives. This stage can repeat.

5. The Finish Line

It’s time to finalize the video and get it out there for all to see! We get the final draft ready for you to review one last time and approve for delivery. The video is prepared and delivered to you electronically and is ready to show!




TalkMotion Inc. is a full service motion graphics studio in London, On which strives to improve the business world by providing business owners with the services they need to reach their goals and be successful in at any stage in their business ventures.

Whether it’s animating a brand, product, service or abstract concepts; we strive to bring out the value that brings lasting interest.

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Some Questions to Ask Yourself:

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  • would you like some one in particular to be in your video?
  • does your video need 3D animation?
  • where will the video be seen? your website? at a tradeshow? on the jumbo-tron?

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